The Trading Off

For couples from different cultures, finding ways to accommodate each other is important. Some couples simply live their lives in blocks where they eliminate the need to share certain things, but others have found that trading off on cultural issues gives their life an exotic feel. Some of them trade holidays, and others choose to entertain their friends and family with dishes from their home country. It can turn into an interesting way of life for those who embrace it.

Many cultures have the basis of their food and religious celebrations due to the unique geographical area where they live, so two people growing up on opposite sides of the globe will find commonalities in only a few areas. One partner might have grown up in the tropics, and their culture will be very different from someone who lived in an area where snow and ice are present at least part of the year. A sense of adventure might be what they have most in common, so exploring their different worlds together could be the thread that binds their lives.