Half The World Away

The electronic world has taken people from across the globe and connected them, but cheap travel is what has made it possible for many people to move far from their original homes. Those who have moved for work often find the new culture they experience to be difficult at first, yet adjustment does occur after a year or two. While they are worlds away from their family and home, they may be very busy exploring all the new opportunities for life and love in their adopted land.

Meeting someone and falling in love is wonderful for anyone, but those who have traded their old life for a new one may find that there are obstacles in the path of their enjoyment. Food is one of the largest issues to overcome, and finding their partner loves dishes they find less than palatable can be one of them. Each person must find the dishes they can share before they can truly appreciate each other’s past and outlook on life.

Religion is occasionally an issue between two people from the same geographic area, but those from a distant land might have a radically different religion that is nearly impossible to understand. This can become a roadblock if one of the pair insists their religious rituals be followed, but many couples have found it is best for each to celebrate their own rituals without the partnership. It can be trying at times, so patience is a virtue they will need.

Celebrating different facets of life can be a roadblock for those from different cultures, and the couple will need to discuss them before they embark on starting a family. While some cultures downplay children turning into adults, others believe in treating it like a major milestone. Disagreement between the pair will affect their relationship as a couple, and it can confuse their children.